Friday, March 12, 2010

Question of the day

I love having a question of the day.  The picture is an example of how I graph it with the children.  I ask the question first, then we put their names under what they answer.
I then get unifix cubes and give them out to the children.  As as example, we can see the picture.  The purple unifix cubes represent pizza, the brown ones represent chicken, the red ones represent the spaghetti, and the blue ones respresent sandwiches.
I then get the children in lines according to their answer and make a human graph.  I then make sure they understand that eat cube represents one of them.  I them show them that I draw the unifix tower on the chart paper.  We count and I use lots of questioning.
  • what answer is more popular?
  • what answer is the least popular?
  • how many in each answer?
  • why did you answer the way you did?
  • how many more or less in each answer?
This graph is them posted on the wall so that they can the children could see it through out the week.

This works great for graphing, and mathematical operations.  It can be a weekly or daily activity.

Now for a transition idea:

Rote counting by each child taking turns like hot potato.  When the child gets the hot potato they count the next number.  The first child says 1, the second says 2, and so on by passing the hot potato(which can be a stuffed animal)

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