Thursday, March 18, 2010


As some of you may have noticed I like to make sure the children know the concept first with manipulatives.  The children will do lots of patterning activities as a whole group activity.  I use them as patterns, such as boy-girl, stand-sit, looking forward-looking backwards.  Then we make patterns with toys.  Then they do it with partners and then as you see in the photo, the child was playing in centers and made patterns on his own.

Then I cut out pattern block out of paper. Remember they have already practiced doing patters with real pattern blocks.  They choose what pattern blocks they want to use and make a pattern using the pattern block made out of paper.  This shows that they really got the concept of patterns.


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

I am total agreement with you Noey - the children really need time to explore the manipulatives and learn to use them before introducing higher level thinking skills. Building one step at a time!

columbus said...

noey, I love the idea of creating the pieces out of construction paper- Definetly a must try activity