Thursday, March 11, 2010


How should we transition students from one activity to another?  We need to be able to use transitions as a teaching moment. 

One of the ways we can use transitions as a teaching moment is by rote counting.  Many children get mixed up on the teens when counting, and this will give them much needed practice.

Another way to transition from one activity to another is by using flashcards.  Chidlren are always in need of learning the alphabet.  Use alphabet flashcards.  When a child names the letter they have, they can get in line to go to lunch or go play or whatever the transition may be.  Another way you can use the flashcards is by showing them the flashcard and having them name something that starts with that letter.

Next posts I will focus on math in a prek/preschool classroom or things you can use for your child at home.  I will try to add more ideas for transition in every closing of posts.

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